I have a couple of cooking “blind spots”…

I’ve cooked most of my adult life, and been dedicated to the “bloodsport” for about 25 years. I’m pretty good at most techniques and can find things to do with most proteins so that they, more often than not, end up in the tasty zone … but I have a couple of troubling culinary “blind spots”.

I’m guessing most cooks do … mine are short ribs (see my Short Ribs of My Discontent post for details on my latest failure on that front) and the mocking bastard to the left … a whole fish. [Read more…]


Less is never more…

That would be meta-physically absurd 😉 … but sometimes less IS better.

I love paella and make it often for friends and family … 17″ of steaming good saffron rice loaded with seafood, or lamb, chorizo, serraño ham, rabbit — all manner possibilities — makes for fabulous fare.

Some recipes save off great and the leftovers make for a tasty quick dinner the following week … other recipes, not so much. Seafood variations in particular really don’t enjoy being reheated no matter how gentle the attempt.

I’m just not willing to be denied calamari, monkfish, mussels and shrimp  on those occasions when we can’t (or don’t want to) scrap up enough dinner partners to justify filling a 13″ or 17″ paella pan. So last week I snared a 10″ pan from Amazon and test drove it Friday night while listening to a Tour de Tormé playlist featuring Mel and James Tormé. [Read more…]