RD’s first Vibrato show sold out quick…

…so it’s very cool that he was able to arrange a second show date on December 13th.

Robert Davi and his traveling sextet is a cool show with a fun cabaret intimacy you do NOT want to miss anytime … RD “singing Sinatra” in celebration of Mr. S’s birthday is a gotta see event!

If you’re in or around L.A. on the 13th of next month, take a break from your Christmas shopping and catch Robert Davi at the beautiful Vibrato Grill.

Lift a glass of Jack Daniels and toast Frank for me!



Like Moses …

…Robert Davi is leaving the desert!

I’m not sure LA qualifies as the promised land, but after four sell-out shows out in the dunes — three at the Venetian Showroom in Vegas and one at Soboba Casino out Palm Springs way — Mr. Davi and his fabulous six piece stage band are headed to Vibrato Grill for a single show on December 12.

I caught Robert both with his full stage band at the Venetian (review here), and with his sextet touring band at Soboba (here).

Not only is there no drop off on the music side of the equation with the six piece combo, but RD’s performance seems to arrive on a more intimate level with the smaller stage band … I think I like it even more so than the big studio crew — at least for a live gig setup like Vibrato.

Do NOT miss this show if you’re in or around LA the second week of December!

Damn … between this gig and Luca Ellis’ Christmas My Way show at the El Portal, I gotta find my way to LA in December!


We traveled to LA last week…

…for the music. And as you know by now we were amply rewarded with singular performances from Luca Ellis  and Robert Davi … but we also came up “golden” on the culinary front.

We got to know Robert Davi a bit back at his Vegas debut show in February, so as we approached LA launch day, I reached out to him for a couple of restaurant recommendations. And did Robert ever come through in fine fashion! [Read more…]


Last Saturday…

…at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto CA., I caught the second leg of the “Davi in the Desert” tour.

OK, there’s no official “Davi in the Desert” tour, but Robert Davi followed his sold out, three show Vegas debut at the Venetian Showroom back in February (review here) with another amazing performance in the hot, hot desert east of LA.

Much the same and completely different…

Though the setlist was similar to the Venetian gig, and RD brought the same passion and performance flare to the stage at Soboba that he delivered in Vegas, “Davi in the Desert part 2” had a completely different feel to it.

More than just the difference in venue, the motif and style of the event was more “close-in” … more intimate and the resulting show felt like a different experience. [Read more…]


Hard to believe it’s already been a year…

…but indeed it was exactly a year ago today that I launched VocalStandards.com with a “Let’s Get This Party Started” post.

Re-reading that post is tough … it reminds me how difficult it was to launch this place; to get VS into motion with no wind in the sails.

Seems quite a bit different today after pushing out 123 articles and news/update posts (somewhere north of 100,000 words) over the last year.

More important than the stats…

I’ve learned a ton about the artists and music, met some great people — both in the music business and fans thereof — and seen a slew of great acts … far too much to recount here, but if you’ve been with me for awhile you know what I mean and if you’re somewhat new to VocalStandards, wander around a bit, take in some of the sights and let me know what you think.

Too much to do…

With all those words and stories in the archive, I look at my content plan and am dumbfounded to see literally 100s of story ideas — many/most of which have been in the hopper from day one! With the gush of emerging talent and the massively deep history associated with the Great American Songbook, there is literally too much to do.

Most days, I feel like a dog waking up from a nap to find 1,000 squirrels all running in different directions — my biggest problem is, which one do I chase first!

To celebrate VS’s anniversary…

Well, the next squirrel I’m chasing is a trip west this week to see Luca Ellis at his regular Beverley Hills Hotel gig in LA, and then take a short road trip into the desert to catch Robert Davi at the Soboba Casino Saturday night.

These guys represent all that’s good and right about this music genre … I knew neither of them as singer/performers when I started VS a year ago (certainly was familiar with RD as an actor) they are emerging stars — both of which have a respectful fascination with Frank Sinatra, the music he brought us and the way he lived his life.

Davi and Ellis display their respect and affection for Mr. S with the talent and dedication they bring when they perform Frank’s classic material. Seeing both of these guys this weekend is going to be a treat … What a great way to put the wraps on the first of hopefully many years of VocalStandards!

Take care all … come back soon.


Today is Robert Davi’s Birthday…

…I decided to celebrate another year of Robert’s vitality by snagging seats for his upcoming (Aug 18) gig at the Soboba Casino Arena in San Jacinto CA.

Actually I was trying to dial in a trip to New York to catch RD at the Metropolitan Room … and have dinner at Patsy’s!

Unfortunately it appears the promoter for Robert’s summer swing through the city dropped the ball so those gig’s got cancelled and my Patsy’s Italian food fix will go un-sated awhile longer.

No worries though … on to “Davi in the desert” Part II — Robert’s wonderful three day headliner act at the Venetian Showroom last February (reviewed here) being Part 1 of the “Davi in the desert” experience.

What a great show and a great time we had seeing Robert in Vegas … I can’t wait to catch him and his fabulous stage band again at Soboba. [Read more…]


Photo credit and © - James W. Thompson

Earlier this week…

…Brad “Martini” Chambers (of Martiniinthemorning fame) pointed me toward a rising young singing talent — Luca Ellis. After visiting Mr. Ellis’ website to listen to some of his material, all I can say is “wow”.

OK, you know me by now … and I always have more than one word to toss around on any topic, but I am going to keep it short here and simply suggest you also stop over to Luca’s website and take a listen.

Though yet to release his debut album, Luca has posted 16 full tracks of mostly classic Sinatra numbers … “I Wish You Love” is the first track and begins playing when you arrive on his site. Maybe my all time favorite Sinatra song … I was floored to hear this kid belt it out in a rich, confident, Sinatra-esk fashion.

“I Believe In You”, “Fly Me To The Moon”, “More”, “Let’s Fall In Love”, “I’m Gonna Live Until I Die” … Ellis’ web offering is the pop tenderloin cut of Sinatra’s oeuvre.

BTW, these are not low-ball demo tracks with scant accompaniment. On most, the production value is excellent with Ellis crooning an “albums worth” plus of Ken Wallace arranged American Songbook classics out in front of the Paul Litteral Orchestra. Somebody needs to get these guys in a recording studio or at the very least release these tracks … this is great stuff! [Read more…]


I missed a chance…

…to glad-hand with Deana Martin at Robert Davi’s awesome Vegas debut last month.

I had no idea she was in the audience until RD introduced her and her husband John Griffeth about halfway through the gig.

I love Dean Martin, and if you’ve wandered by Vocalstandards before, you know I’ve been looking forward to catching up with Deana to let her know how important her dad was to me and mine.

I always figured it would entail taking in one of her shows (something I’m definitely planning for 2012) but with Deana Martin standing six feet away during the RD “after-show”, I figured I’d catch her for a quick “great to meet you … your dad hung the moon” — something she never hears I’m sure — but alas, the best laid plans.

Some guy from Iceland “button-holed” Deana and John and was pressing them about doing a tour date in Reykjavik … not wanting to interfere with real business I refrained from sticking my head in and interrupting. The next thing I know, I’m shaking Robert Davi’s hand and chatting for a bit … when I looked up, Deana and John were gone.

Hey, no worries. I was there that night to see RD and I will use the missed opportunity to prioritize getting a Deana tour date on my schedule. She can run… 😉 [Read more…]