Some exciting DwTRP news…

I took down a dedicated “DiningwithTheRatPack” domain this week and have big plans to enhance the DwTRP experience.

The new domain will point to this page on for the foreseeable future for a couple of reasons … first, I like having the food discussion close to the main music site as this closely aligns to my philosophy of food, music and well, life.

Unless I’m steeped…

…in a critical listening session for a review (or writing), food and music are nearly always a conjoined experience at our house. Cooking, eating and drinking are sensory driven experiences made all the better when combined with great music.

Theres nothing that triggers memories and emotions better than the smell of great food or a familiar melody. Separately good food and great music can be wonderfully evocative … in combination they far exceed “the sum” for me.

The other reason I’m keeping DwTRP nestled in at is that we’re retooling the whole website this summer (hopefully in time for an Independence Day launch) with a completely new home page design, a new logo for the “dining” side, and some dedicated web functionality that will make the nested food blog more fun.

Recipes included in the articles for instance. I’ve been playing with a very cool recipe editor plugin … click through and check out my first embedded recipe! [Read more…]


Less is never more…

That would be meta-physically absurd 😉 … but sometimes less IS better.

I love paella and make it often for friends and family … 17″ of steaming good saffron rice loaded with seafood, or lamb, chorizo, serraño ham, rabbit — all manner possibilities — makes for fabulous fare.

Some recipes save off great and the leftovers make for a tasty quick dinner the following week … other recipes, not so much. Seafood variations in particular really don’t enjoy being reheated no matter how gentle the attempt.

I’m just not willing to be denied calamari, monkfish, mussels and shrimp  on those occasions when we can’t (or don’t want to) scrap up enough dinner partners to justify filling a 13″ or 17″ paella pan. So last week I snared a 10″ pan from Amazon and test drove it Friday night while listening to a Tour de Tormé playlist featuring Mel and James Tormé. [Read more…]