Reviews of Movies Featuring Rat Pack Era Stars

Never one of my favorites…

Suddenly is often considered a Sinatra classic film as it appeared just on the heels of his Oscar award winning performance in From Here to Eternity.

I love noir films, and like to see actors stretched into roles that challenge their regular persona, but this thriller with Frank cast as a violent murdering psychopath just doesn’t do it for me.

But hey, that’s me…

If you’re cool with 75 minutes of “Frank-o-path” fun 😉 … or are a film buff that has been anxiously waiting for the remastered HD version of this flick to surface, then head over to High-Def Digest for the lowdown on the December Blu-ray release of Suddenly.


Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin AND Bing Crosby…

…singing with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra; together delivering a raft of musical numbers written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen — I mean, how could this NOT be one of the best Rat Pack pictures!

(Actually, with the help of the Feds enforcing the Motion Picture Production Code it was a near thing — but we’ll get to that later.)

Robin and the Seven Hoods is an oft overlooked Rat Pack Era classic musical that I myself have been overlooking for quite a few years.

A month or so back, with my wife off visiting her folks and me with a weekend night to kill, I loaded R7H into my DVD player, poured myself three fingers of Scotch and had a blast re-discovering this fun film.

Watching the Rat Pack principals strut their stuff in this loose retelling of “Robin Hood” as a stylized 30’s gangster musical is a kick on it’s own.

But intersperse a slew of Cahn/Van Heusen songs — written just for the movie — including classics like “My Kind of Town” and  “Style” and you have a bonafide Rat Pack classic! [Read more…]


I love “the 4th”…

…the burgers, baseball, the festive get-togethers, the fireworks and all the trappings that come with our Independence Day celebration … and of course the music.

Falling on a Wednesday this year tightens up the celebration a bit and sadly makes the whole event feel somewhat less weighty. I’m not sure I’ll even have time to make it through the complete array of VS 4th of July traditions … and that’s just wrong.

We’ll make it happen … even if we have to pare back the traditional passel of movies, music and food somewhat. [Read more…]