Deana Martin w Music…or at least that’s what it seems when it comes to pushing out fresh LPs.

I’ve been laying low for the last couple of … years (yikes!) but Deana’s Facebook post seeking song recommendations for her upcoming album shook me out of my work-a-day malaise. I just had to re-enter the fray to continue the “Where the hell is the music?” lament that I started back during the holidays of 2012.

The point I made then is even more painful today — very few Vocal Standards albums are getting made and marketed. Other than Deana Martin’s fabulous Destination Moon LP and Steve Tyrell’s absolutely awesome It’s Magic – The Songs of Sammy Cahn offering, there’s been a dearth of standards vocal work published.

This with such promising announced or at least expected CDs supposedly on the way from some of the greats. Robert Davi and Joseph Leo Bwarie were supposedly in the studio working to deliver followup LPs to their excellent debut albums. That was two years ago …what happened?

I was and remain SO ready for the next iteration of the amazing team up of Joe Leo’s vocals and Charlie Calello’s arrangements/conducting; not to mention another traverse of Sinatra’s canon by Mr. Davi. If history is any indicator, we should get the talented Mr. Calello’s handiwork with Deana’s next LP but it kills me to think that some great studio work from JLB and RD is sitting on a shelf somewhere when it could be bouncing off my walls every Saturday night!

To be fair, some interesting LPs have popped out of late …Elaine Elias made a very nice Chet Baker tribute album, Curtis Stigers tossed out the cool and jazzy Hooray for Love, even Gloria Estefan gave it a shot, but where are the goods from Nikki Yanofsky, Peter Cincotti, Bublé, Torme, Davi, Bwarie, Blu, Krall (that ragtime offering just didn’t count), Connick Jr. (every man should avoid the 2013 Every Man LP)?

I think there's a studio in here that might work! ;-)

So Mr. Record Label guy(s) …where the hell is the music?

Like I’ve said before, if you can’t make it work with the old school record marketing/distribution model, then figure something else out. I know the age of an LP per year has gone the way of bell bottom pants (I think Nancy Wilson produced 10 LPs one year back in the ’60s), but there’s a big bad digital world out there that you can either embrace, or let it eat you.

Love it, live it and SHIP SOME DAMN STANDARDS LPS!