Frank SinatraNo one wore a fedora better…

…but more than just being a dapper dresser, Frank Sinatra really believed that clothes very much made the man.

He was even willing to fight over proper dress as Frank’s “encounter” with Harlan Ellison in a Hollywood pool hall was recounted by Gay Talese in his classic Esquire article.

Indeed there are many anecdotes related to Sinatra and his “dress for success” orientation … a new one popped out of the aether earlier this week.

This time it comes from one of the kingpins of mens fashion — Richard Press — who worked the family business (J. Press) “back in the day” and became Frank’s goto clothier … for awhile anyway.

Richard contributes to Ivy Style — a website that chronicles men’s fashions since the 1920’s. I’m not much of a fashion guy but some of Ivy Style pieces focused on the 50’s and 60’s are very cool and capture an interesting slice of mid-century America and the Rat Pack/”Mad Men” era.

Mr. Press’s article on his relationship with Mr. S (Golden Years: My Brief Bromance With Frank Sinatra) is a light hearted, quick, and fun read but it also leaves us with a bit more insight into Frank Sinatra the man.

It’s worth the click through … check it out (here).