(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The New Year was off to such a great start…

…until last night.

First, my new exercise regime played the muscle spasms card to let me know that I need to take things slower … and then came the sad news of Patti Page’s passing on New Years day.

Patti and her rendition of “Old Cape Cod” have always been special to me, and it was just a few weeks back that we wished Patti a happy 85th birthday … (sigh).

For a great remembrance piece on Ms. Page, check out Emily Langer’s Washington Post article (here). Nicely done Emily.

Coming on the heels…

…of losing Andy Williams, Hal David, Etta James… geez, 2012 was a tough year for classic era vocal standards artists and writers.

We are certainly much the worse for their passing … but the club scene in heaven just keeps getting better. I’m in no particular hurry to see for myself quite yet, but just imagine the acts that are getting booked up there!?

Thank goodness we can continue to dip into the recordings of these wonderful artists and immerse ourselves in the great music of the era.

It’s not close to summer time…

…but I’ll be listening to “Old Cape Cod” this evening, and thinking of “lobster stew with an ocean view” … with a tear in my eye to be sure.

Godspeed Patti Page.