December is a big month…

…for Rat Pack dates of import. Later this week Mr. Francis Sinatra’s birthday will be widely celebrated … and of course Christmas day is always somewhat bitter sweet for ‘pack fans as it marks the passing of Dean Martin.

But today is Sammy’s birthday, and he should garner some well deserved time in the spotlight on his special day.

I’ve previously highlighted that, in my opinion, Sammy was arguably the most talented member of the Rat Pack (here and here). He was masterful at many talents… singing, dancing, acting, comedy, imitations … and in fact to some degree his dexterity worked against his career success because he constantly strove to explore new performing styles and display his varied talents rather than focus.

The consummate Entertainer …

One result of Sammy’s diverse and exploratory approach was that he became an entertainer extraordinaire … there are few — maybe none — that have come before or since Sammy Davis Jr that could take the stage and hold a crowd hostage for hours like he could. SDjr was a one man variety show.

And for all the knocks about his lack of focus, Sammy took chances with his music and nearly always came up a winner. His vocal stylings were wonderfully pleasing and unique.

In fact, SDjr’s swinging version of “Jingle Bells” is still my favorite rendition of this holiday classic (this is indeed a great number but I can’t determine who arranged it … I’d love to find out if anyone out there knows).

Celebrate Sammy Davis Jr’s birthday with me today, and grab some holiday cheer as only “Sam the Man” can deliver it…

“Jingle Bells” – Sammy Davis Jr.*

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