Robert Randisi’s latest Rat Pack Mystery

… “It Was A Very Bad Year” — just landed on my Kindle.

As you probably know by now, I love these Rat Pack Mystery novels; and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this — the seventh in the series — since this time last year (check out my previous Rat Pack Mystery reviews here & here).

Randisi turns out fun, immersive, Dashiell Hammett-esk detective stories that are set in Las Vegas and Hollywood (mostly), and steeped in the milieu of the extended Rat Pack (Frank, Sam, Dean and their constellation of hangers-on) at the height of their careers and influence. It’s easy, fun reading … a great Sunday afternoon escape.

Invariably in this series one of the Rat Packers gets into some sort of trouble and Sands Casino pit boss, and friend of Mr. Sinatra — Eddie Gianelli — is called in to “do Frank a favor”. With Jerry — Eddie’s buddy … the very large, lovable, Mafia torpedo — along for the ride, things get interesting in a hurry as they attempt to make the problem go away.

This time ’round…

…it’s Joey Bishop’s wife that starts the ball rolling with a bit of a blackmail issue. But this is 1963 … and as the title suggests “It Was A Very Bad Year” for Frank Sinatra with the bombshell of Jack Kennedy’s assignation, and the kick in the gut of Frank Jr.’s kidnapping.

My book queue is full-up at the moment so I can’t offer a review until later this month … hmmm, maybe a fun T-day week read is in order! However, I must admit that the cast of characters arrayed for the 7th in the series doesn’t quite have me as enticed as usual — I much prefer seeing Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe or the core Rat Packers as the central characters rather than Bishop’s wife and Frank Jr.

That said Randisi has never failed to craft a fun, sexy, action packed “who done it”, with interesting tie-ins to the real happenings of the day; all generously larded with the ambiance of 60’s Rat Pack era Vegas … I have confidence that’s where I’m headed when I do start turning the pages (virtually of course) on the next Rat Pack Mystery — “It Was A Very Bad Year”.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks, but don’t wait on me! If your up for some swing’n, murder mystery fun, dive on in!