Patti’s biggest hit…

… “The Tennessee Waltz” hit the Billboard charts 62 years ago this month … and ended up holding the top spot for 13 weeks in 1950.

That record sold millions of copies and made Patti Page a household name as the swing band era of the ’40s started transitioning to the vocal artist era of the ’50s and 60’s.

Ms. Page nimbly wandered between country and popular music genres, and went on to have several more chart favorites and hit songs such as “Allegheny Moon”, “Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte”, an excellent “Days of Wine and Roses” … she even topped the charts with “How Much is That Doggie in the Window”!

For me…

…Patti Page is the harbinger of summer in New England. Like I mentioned in a VS News post last summer, “Old Cape Cod” — a near chart topper reaching #3 on Billboard in ’57 — is the quintessential song of summer for anyone that grew up or summered in coastal New England. The number has been “enhanced” and remastered several times over the years, but I still greatly prefer Patti in the 1960 release for her excellent Golden Hits LP.

“Old Cape Cod” – Patti Page (From the Golden Hits album – 1960)*

Sadly, I’ve not been on a summer holiday up New England way for many years; but thanks to Patti Page I’m never far away from Hampton Beach, Fire Island, Huntington Cove and the other summer haunts of my youth … I can smell the lobster pots, hear the surf, feel the warm sun and cool air on my skin … transported back to a simpler, joyous time whenever I hear “Old Cape Cod”.

Thanks very much for that Ms. Page.

Happy 85th birthday Patti … have a great day!

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