Deana Martin was nice enough…

…to “sit down” with me for an interview yesterday afternoon.

OK it was actually a phone interview, but Deana took time out of her busy “get away” travel prep (she’s headed to L.A. for a “day after Thanksgiving” show at The Catalina Jazz Club) to spend some time with me discussing a myriad of topics.

It was a great fun fill hour+ for me … chock full of stories about her dad (Dean), Rat Pack anecdotes, what it was like growing up Dean Martin’s daughter and warm holiday tales.

We touched on Deana’s path back to the Great American Songbook, the poignant father-daughter relationship captured in her top selling book Memories Are Made Of This and the soon to come biopic based on the book … Deana’s fascination with flying and even some cool food and cooking stories that I’ll serve up on DiningwithTheRatPack.

The real reason I HAD to interview Deana…

After only a year in circulation, I’ve come to cherish Ms. Martin’s 2011 White Christmas holiday CD release (original VS review here). With Andy William’s sad passing last summer, I really wanted to catch Deana and ask what it was like working with Andy on — what turned out to be his final recording — their duet performance of the title track, Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”.

Deana shared the emotion of that day and much, much more with me yesterday … and I will share the holiday slice of her interview with you when we revisit Deana’s White Christmas LP towards the middle of next month.

Keep an eye out … it’s a great interview!