Newscom Focalpoint…

…put up a Sinatra photo essay last week (here). It’s OK stuff; nothing new or particularly insightful but they do roll up a passel of nice shots of Frank in a variety of film and personal venues.

The best photo is a great shot of Frank teaching a very young Frank Jr. how to dive off the diving board at their house. It may have been staged but it’s a cool glimpse at a Sinatra father/son moment, and there’s real joy in dad’s eyes in the pic.

The absolute best part of Newscom’s Sinatra piece though is the “Justin Bieber’s not quite up to Sinatra’s standards” (my paraphrase) link to a freaking hilarious item that draws a clear contrast between Bieber and  Mr. Sinatra … and then goes on to ask a very poignant question. Check it out (here) … too funny and too true!

[Thanks for the vector Newscom FocalPoint folks!]