Michael Feinstein put’s on a hell of a show!

Susan King has a cool ‘Culture Monster’ article…

…in the LA Times today (here) that features a brief interview with Michael Feinstein.

The interview covers a mash of subjects as more or less a promotion builder for his upcoming Sinatra Project touring performance at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa this Saturday.

Michael recounts one of his interesting Sinatra Project show anecdotes relating to how he first met Mr. S, and there’s some other interesting consumables in the piece, but the interesting bit is when Susan King asks MF to do the impossible!

King pushed Feinstein to name his five favorite Sinatra numbers. I think we all know, that simply can’t be done … Sinatra rendered way too much “distinctively Frank” material to possible cull five songs out as a favorites list.

But Michael is a smart guy …

…and rather than name “favorites”, he answered with a list of five “essential” Frank Sinatra songs and proceeded to offer some really interesting insight on each number — hitting on musical, historical and emotional levels.

There are few people that know the history of the Frank and the Rat Pack era — the songwriters, arrangers, musicians and singers from the golden era of popular American standards — like Michael Feinstein.

Agree or disagree with Michael’s list, it’s damned impressive that he even took a thoughtful swing at the impossible question; it’s definitely worth linking over to the LA Times (again here) to read Feinstein’s perspective on his “essential Sinatra” numbers.