photo credit and © Clay Walker

Holding up the Smooth Blues wing…

…of the amazing Cole family musical dynasty (Freddy, Nat and Natalie), Freddy Cole celebrates his 81st birthday today.

With album names like The Cole Nobody Knows, and I’m Not My Brother, I’m Me, I figure it was tough for Freddy to establish a singing/music career in his own right and move out of the enormous shadow cast by his superstar older brother, Nat.

But Freddy persevered and has indeed established a long successful blues/R&B musician and vocal career (over 25 album releases) that continues to build momentum given his very fine Talk to Me LP release just last year.

One of my favorite Freddy Cole numbers (“Blame It On My Youth”) comes off his 2006 Tony Bennett tribute album — Because of You.

TB always acknowledged the significant influence Nat King Cole played in the development of Tony’s career and style. I find cool synchronicity in this album and particularly in this song where, Freddy — in his own distinct style — deftly pays tribute to Tony B … and by association to brother Nat.

Give it a listen and celebrate Freddy’s big day!

“Blame It On My Youth” – Freddy Cole (Because of You – 2006)*

Happy Birthday Freddy … keep the blues coming!

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