Like Moses …

…Robert Davi is leaving the desert!

I’m not sure LA qualifies as the promised land, but after four sell-out shows out in the dunes — three at the Venetian Showroom in Vegas and one at Soboba Casino out Palm Springs way — Mr. Davi and his fabulous six piece stage band are headed to Vibrato Grill for a single show on December 12.

I caught Robert both with his full stage band at the Venetian (review here), and with his sextet touring band at Soboba (here).

Not only is there no drop off on the music side of the equation with the six piece combo, but RD’s performance seems to arrive on a more intimate level with the smaller stage band … I think I like it even more so than the big studio crew — at least for a live gig setup like Vibrato.

Do NOT miss this show if you’re in or around LA the second week of December!

Damn … between this gig and Luca Ellis’ Christmas My Way show at the El Portal, I gotta find my way to LA in December!