Joe Leo’s debut album…

Nothin’ But Love (VS review here) turned out to be nothin’ short of extraordinary.

Team Bwarie assembled an awesome group of musicians (Bucky Pizzarelli, Paulinho da Costa and the like) and featured Charlie Calello’s fabulous arrangements on an amazing album that was the perfect platform for JLB to showcase his distinctive singing style.

It was indeed an impressive debut and, well…

They’re at it again…

Throughout the late summer I was tracking JLB’s tweets about both the fun and toil of being back in the studio with Mr. C and that fine assemblage of musicians; it sounds like they’ve nearly got Joseph’s second LP release in the can … nearly.

They are looking to land one more song for the track list and are kicking off a “Name That Tune” contest tonight on Joseph’s FB fan page to land the last song on the album!

The contest runs from midnight tonight (EST) to midnight Monday (EST) and should be a lot of fun. Besides the prize haul, it would be a kick to pick THE song that makes the LP!

The contest rules are very straight forward, but there are a couple of gotchas to avoid so click through to Joseph’s FB page and get the lowdown in advance. Good luck … just stay away from my song!

  • Billye Robbins00

    something that shows that incrediable range you demistrated as Frankie Valli. Maybe “over the rainbow”.

    • vs_guy

      I think “Over The Rainbow is taken” but you still have until midnight (EST) to get a suggestion in to Joe Leo’s facebook page!