It was just a couple of weeks ago…

… in a Frankie Randall review, that I lamented how frustrating it is to patiently wait for new album releases and material from the fresh talent making the American Songbook scene.

I chided Joseph Leo Bwarie specifically in that piece but only because his debut effort — Nothin’ But Love — was so damn good! (review here.)

To be fair…

…it’s only been a bit over a year since NBL hit the digital music shelves, and Joseph may have been somewhat occupied with his heavy Jersey Boys traveling show schedule. 😉

The news broke…

…in a press release last weekend that JLB finished up his four year, 45-city Jersey Boys run and is refocusing his efforts on a second album release and prepping for a concert tour. The even BETTER news is that Bwarie’s circling a lot of the same amazing talent for his second foray into the recording studio that were there the first time ’round …most importantly the renowned Charlie Calello.

Quoting from the presser…

“Joe Leo” is the working title of Bwarie’s second collaboration with legendary producer/arranger Charles Calello. The duo have reassembled much of the personnel for the upcoming live session dates at Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, FL and at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA. “We are approaching modern big band in a very dynamic, theatrical way – Calello and I have had fun filling this record with unexpected surprises and the track list is some of the best of the American Songbook,” continued Bwarie. Expect the lush arrangements and powerful vocals to rival those from his debut along with fresh Latin inspired tracks featuring powerhouse percussionists Paulinho Da Costa and Tito Puente, Jr.


“This record is going to pick up where “Nothin’ But Love” left off with the Bwarie spin on classics by Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer, Duke Ellington and many other greats.”

OK, I’m officially jazzed!

I love the Jersey Boys, but it’s time for JLB to move on and take his music career to the next level … this is great news.

We’ll have to wait until early 2013 for Joe Leo to hit the shelves, but Bwarie’s management team are looking at setting some concert dates to whet our appetite — hopefully as early as the Fall of ’12.

Getting some shows set is a smart move for Joseph. Those appearances will help drive his “brand” and build momentum for the Spring ’13 Joe Leo album release.

Keep an eye on Bwarie’s website for the lowdown on the album and concert dates.