A day late …

Sorry for missing yesterday Deana. I spent your birthday driving through the desert and winging my way home after seeing Robert Davi deliver a great performance at Soboba Casino Saturday night — part two of my Davi-Luca Ellis “LA swing“.

Home now, exhausted and belated but still want to offer Deana congrats and “Happy Birthday” wishes.

I’m committed to seeing her on stage sometime in 2012. We have Tony Bennett coming up next month and then I  plan to dial in one of Deana’s holiday shows in New York.

In the mean time…

Deana recently shared a great anecdote about her “formal” singing lessons that I found fascinating. It was part of a NY Post interview piece Ms. Martin did with Frank Scheck  last week (here).

The details of the singing instruction itself was very interesting, but the light this sidebar piece shed on the basic make-up of both her father, Dean and Frank Sinatra was amazing.

A short anecdote…

…but it so succinctly  “nutshells”  the differing philosophy on life of two great mean — Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Quoting from Mr. Scheck’s NYPOST article:

“I asked my father if I should take singing lessons,” she continues. “He said, ‘No, not unless you want to sound like everybody else in the choir.’ ”
Instead, she turned to Sinatra.
“He told me it was all about the breath,” she says. “He said, ‘I can tell even before a note comes out if I’m going to be on pitch or not.’
“I asked him, ‘Does my dad do that?’ and he said, ‘No, your father has no idea what he’s doing. He just does it.’ ”

Frank Scheck wrote a cool short interview piece in total that you should go read (again here), but I still can’t get over how Deana, in these few sentences, distills the essence of Frank Sinatra (every detail, every breath thought through — perfectionist) and Dean Martin (show up, do the best job he can do — that will have to be good enough … and invariably it was!).

Frank and Dean achieved massive success I doubt we’ll see the likes of again; they were the best of friends, and yet fundamentally could not have been more different in the way they approached singing, performing and life … wild.

Happy Birthday Deana, and thanks for your gifting us with this very cool and interesting snippet view of you, your wonderful dad and Mr. Sinatra. All the best!