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At my desk Sunday morning — still in the throes of finalizing the Vocalstandards website relaunch (this week … hopefully on the 4th!) — I was listening to the very cool Sunday Jazz Breakfast show on TheStandardsChannel.com while chugging through the list of font size, menu color and photo clipping issues on my website punch-out list.

As 11am ticked past I was surprised and excited to hear John Gabriel stoke up a new edition of his Hollywood to Broadway show. From a chat with TSC magnate Jim Raposa back in the spring, I knew the return of H2B was in the offing … but man, time is screaming by these days and John still caught me by surprise.

H2B is a fun show and John leverages his acting career experiences and connections to bring some unique insights on the songs, song writers and composers associated with the “stage and screen” chapter of the Great American Songbook.

The show unfolds like a story…

…with anecdotes and great musical performances woven throughout to support the plot … it’s a fun hour that I try hard not to miss.

The regular H2B show airs on TheStandardsChannel.com Sundays at noon eastern and is replayed at 8pm the following Wednesday.

This week is special for a couple of reasons … first there is a special Fourth of July episode that will air Wednesday at noon and 8PM eastern.

The 4th is also John’s daughter’s birthday (how cool is that!) … I suspect the Independence Day version of Hollywood to Broadway will be special for John and he’ll make it likewise for us.

If you get a chance this Wednesday, dial over to TSC and enjoy the H2B Independence Day special.

Welcome back John! (And Jim, thanks for getting H2B back in the mix!)