The Rat Pack was a fun (and competitive) bunch…

Back in 1967, Dinah Shore compiled The Celebrity Cookbook … the favorite recipes from the political and Hollywood illuminati of the day.

As you can see, she apparently pried the renown “Martin Burgers” recipe from Dean for her book. A simple recipe to be sure … excellent technique and a certain, uh, purity to it. ;-)

My “condiment” of choice for “Martin Burgers” runs more toward Scotland, but when I take a shot at “Martin Burgers” — no pun intended –  I will honor the “new recipe rule” and make my way to the Kentucky section of my … uh, condiment cabinet. Not sure where I will find a TV tray though.

Not to be out done…

Allegedly, upon hearing about the notoriety of Dean’s signature burger recipe and Dinah’s book, Frank immediately went to work perfecting his “Sinatra Burgers” recipe.

The fruits (or burgers) of Frank’s labor turned out to be a truly elegant approach to burger making in the very finest Rat Pack tradition…


I love these guys!

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