You may have noticed…

…the content flow has been a bit slower of late.

Well, I’ve actually been wicked busy behind the scenes laying the groundwork for an exciting summer of VocalStandards action.

First up is a complete website makeover — that I plan to launch by month’s end.

The new site is designed more as a media destination that will look great and allow me more flexibility to post News/Updates and quick hitter “shorts”.

It’s always bugged me that I can’t post a quick update or news short without displacing the current feature article … problem solved very soon, plus more goodness!

I know, my geek is showing …

What can I say, infrastructure stuff like this is fun to me (my wife just knowingly rolled her eyes). Clearly not as much fun as Frank is having with Jill St.John on Miami beach (from Tony Rome I think…) but the new home page will look very cool, and hopefully flow a bit more like a “zine” site than a blog.

The new VS “look and feel” will impact the Dining with The Rat Pack (DwTRP) page too… cool new look, a new DwTRP logo and a significant uptick in post activity as we move into summer.

In addition to what’s cooking on the hearth & speakers here at VS central, I will solicit artists and the family and friends of the classic artists for their personal food favorites … we’ll cook off the food, listen to their music (maybe imbibe a bit) and — when recovered –report the outcome … INCLUDING the recipes with our new recipe plugin! (Woops, sorry about that … a little more geek just slipped out).

I’ve already dredged up Frank Sinatra’s favorite grilled lamb recipe to kick off with, now I just need Deana Martin to come through with one or two of her dad and “uncle Sammy’s” favorites and we’ll be off!

This is going to be fun — I don’t plan to let any of my future artist interviews end without them sharing a recipe or favorite food that somehow ties back to the music. Speaking of interviews…

Talk to me…

I’m steeped in prep work for a VS Summer Interview Series. This should be very cool, and I’m especially excited to kick off the interview series with a chat with my good friend Jim Raposa — who just “up and moved” halfway across the country.

From there, we’ll run to ground a variety of  artists, industry insiders and American Songbook wonks for vignette conversations that I’ll weave into feature articles.

There’s a lot going on in the genre … new radio shows launching, artists releasing new LPs and starting tours … all manner of interesting people with interesting stories … it’s going to be fun!

And best of all… the music!

We’re putting together a travel plan to intercept some great live performances throughout the summer and fall. The only “known date” at this point is Tony Bennett in September, but I’m feverishly mapping my calendar with a variety of artist’s tour schedules to try and catch a baker’s handful of Classic, New Guard and Fresh Face acts to report on for you.

Lot’s to do, lot’s to do. Gotta go…