Today is the first day of summer…

Actually, the solstice officially arrives around 7pm (Eastern) this evening so I guess you could argue tomorrow is the first full day of summer.

I live in Austin and for all practical purposes summer arrived here more than a month ago — marked by the traditional “mothballing of the long pants” event (thankfully no longer involving the use of mothballs) where slacks and jeans are ceremoniously stored back deep in the closet … not to be seen again until Halloween is in sight.

Austin’s warm weather not withstanding, summer is officially upon us and my absolute favorite “first day of summer” song is Patti Page singing “Old Cape Cod”. I have no idea why this song hits my summer buttons so hard … I’ve never even been to Cape Cod.

We did visit my grandparents in New Hampshire when I was a lad and make it to Hampton Beach nearly every summer. So I did receive a regular dosing of quaint New England costal town Americana in my formative years. Maybe that’s it.

All I know, no matter where I am or what time of year it is, when I hear Patti ask “If you’re fond of sand dunes, and salty air…”, I can close my eyes and it’s summer … warm sun, cool breeze, white sand, surf sounds and the smell of the dunes. She even strikes a Dining with The Rat Pack chord with that allusion to “lobster stew”!

I’m buried in new website development “mania” but wanted to take a break to celebrate the arrival of summer 2012 with you fine VocalStandards friends … hit the PLAY button below and let the lovely and talented Patti Page kick off your summer with the the sublimely evocative “Old Cape Cod”!

Old Cape Cod (Album Version)