I really love lamb…

… and make it often. Rack-o, souvlaki, chops, burgers, shanks, braised shoulder chops, a couple of paella recipes and a myriad of stew, tagine and hash recipes.

In fact, we’ve had my brother and his new lady friend over to the house three or four times and I think I may have served her lamb on each occasion!

This recipe enchanted me with it’s complete break with stew tradition — there are no root vegetables in play here. Wild, huh … OK there are shallots and technically they are root vegetables; but not a potato, carrot, parsnip, turnip, rutabaga, or onion in sight.

I was drawn to this country dish of lamb, legumes (two kinds), olives, and herbs, and was rewarded with a new comfort food favorite … and another lamb recipe for the rotation!

A thief I am…

This recipe is an adaptation from a recipe I snared off the internet a month or two back and have since lost the link … woops. Bad form, I know … and I apologize to the author (if it’s you, please ping me and I will give you full attribution).¬†

With the apology out of the way, I did make some changes — principally increasing the amount of lamb, pancetta and olives.

Another change I recommend is to either reduce the stock/water by 1 cup or add a cornstarch/arrowroot slurry to the stew at the end.

The standard recipe is nearly a soup consistency with a lot of (really great tasting) liquid. If there were potatoes in the dish, the starch would naturally tighten things up but without them it’s a bit too soupy .

I will either go with 3 cups of stock next time … or just bump the lamb up to 3 lbs and do the slurry dance at the end to get the right consistency. Yea … more lamb is the answer! ūüėČ

Whether you’re “lamb touched” like me or just a casual lamb lover, put this stew on the table the next time you’re in a lamby comfort food mood … ¬†let the lamb-chantment happen.

BTW, this stew freezes off great. In fact I initially made a batch the weekend after easter and was prodded to write this post after we pulled the third serving out of the freezer earlier this week.



  • Jim

    Arrow’root… Just sayin’

    • vs_guy

      Yeah, or cornstarch. Gotta be careful with those though … don’t want to end up with something unnaturally thick and glazie. I recently miscalculated with cornstarch when “halfing” a recipe and ended up with a great tasting sauce … But it had the consistency of Chinese sweet and sour!