As we head into the holiday weekend…

… take a minute or ten to remember what Memorial Day is all about — paying tribute to those that gave their lives so that we can safely enjoy our burgers, hotdogs, and baseball with our families this and every weekend.

My dad (3rd from the left with the big smile on his face) flew fighters in WWII. He did not die in the war but he lost a lot of friends and he never forgot them for the rest of his life.

One of the ways I think dad paid tribute to the guys that didn’t come home was to listen to the popular music of the day.

He loved to sit back and listen to Tommy Dorsey, Bennie Goodman and especially the music from another guy that didn’t make it home from the war — Glenn Miller.

You’ve seen…

…me throw this album art around on this site since day one last August — and as recently as the review of PeterMarshall’s Let’s Be Frank LP.

The only vinyl I still retain in my collection is this Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band five LP album. It’s a beautiful piece with huge glossy photos and a detailed story of Miller’s wartime shows … worth a bunch of money these days too, but that’s not why I kept it.

To me this album represents my dad and all the men and women that went in harm’s way on behalf of their country, their families and those that would come after them. I can think of no better tribute this weekend, than to enjoy the music of Glenn Miller and his “crew”.

War ditties commingle with the passion and pathos from the most trying of times … all elegantly rendered in Miller’s great clarinet lead arrangements.

Fly the flag … but also spin some of Miller’s Army Air Force best this weekend. Let Glenn, Dick Haymes, Tex Benake, Johnny Desmond and The Crew Chiefs (so many more) accompany your burger grilling and fun … Don’t forget to remember.