An awesome 86 this past weekend!

I grew up knowing Peter Marshall as the calm, cool and collected host/straight man at the eye of the fun and madness that was the Hollywood Squares.

My folks could not get enough of “the squares” and after many years of viewing, Peter became pretty much exclusively locked into my psyche as “gameshow host extraordinaire” … that is up until a couple of months ago.

As I mentioned in my last post, internet radio has become my “go to” avenue for exploring the less traveled pathways of the standards genre … panning for vocal gold.

Peter is a prime example of  striking it rich!

I kept hearing this great vocal talent…

… on My wife and I like to listen to the radio and play “name that artist” on the weekends while cooking, drinking, eating, drinking, and … well, drinking.

I kept getting stumped by this wonderfully resonant and vaguely familiar voice. My wife would torture me with a Cheshire cat grin… letting me stew in my consternation for not knowing the bringer of the great tune at hand and then when I’d finally give in … she’d say “Peter Marshall … again!”

Well … having had enough of that I decided to queue up an article on Peter’s very fine November 2011 album release  — Let’s Be Frank… With a Touch of Tommy … what at first blush appears to be a wonderful 11 track LP focused on Frank Sinatra’s early years in front of Tommy Dorsey’s fabulous orchestra.

That sounds like fun doesn’t it?! It’s dialed in for later this month so keep an eye out.

But today it’s just about best wishes for Peter Marshall and his family … have a wonderful  birthday celebration this week.

Happy Birthday Peter!