We went Irish traditional on St. Patrick’s Day…

Well, at least for the most part … I made some tweaks to accommodate my spice sensibilities — which run a little hotter than traditional Irish fare.

BTW, sorry for the “gap in service” of late here on the Dining side of the site … the last two weeks/weekends found my wife struggling with an allergy induced cough that kept things culinarily mundane for the most part and not worthy of note.

Actually, I was casting about for something Lenten last Friday and ended up making a pasta pomodoro that was awesome … I took bunches of pics but when I sat down to write up the pomodoro post Saturday, I noticed that my most recent contribution to DwtRP was a sun-dried tomato pesto pasta extravaganza … though the dishes are completely different, photographically they are virtually identical … sigh.

No pomodoro? No problemo!

We’re off to the more thematically appropriate  and photographically diverse St. Pat’s day fare!

The ether-webs provide…

A few weeks ago, I came across this Lamb Thyme Meatball recipe on the Blue Kitchen site. It just screamed “Spring!” so I snagged Terry Boyd’s recipe and adapted it for our St. Patricks day dinner this year — changing the pace from our normal St. Pat’s corned beef/boiled vegetable festival that leaves the house smelling wonderfully like boiled cabbage (wonderful to me anyway!).

The dish looks more simple than the actual prep ended up being — it’s not tough by any means but there is a bit of separate cooking burden for each of the components. It’s nothing major … just means you have to watch your Bushmill’s consumption (or Springbank in my case) while you’re cooking so you don’t get confused! (kidding)

I did make a couple of changes to the recipe (which is up on the VSguy recipe page) but not much … lost the scallions (not wife friendly) and added some chile flakes and chives to the meatballs … tweaked the cooking times a bit to account for my vegetable doneness preference.

The end result was a really great dish. Much more flavorful than the ingredient list would suggest. BTW, the red pepper adder was a really good idea if I do say so … not noticeable as “heat” but it edged up the flavor profile of the little lamb balls and counter pointed the thyme well. The lamb alongside the spring veggies and potato were nicely balanced.

Probably lost some tradition points…

…with the Nan bread. Nan Bread!? Well, it was a busy weekend and I didn’t really have time to bake soda bread … plus, I don’t bake so even if I DID have time I wasn’t going to bake soda bread. I love nan though and had some on hand so I went cross cultural and served my Irish Spring lamb balls with nan bread … and a Chilean malbec. Hey, that’s four continents if you consider the russet potatoes to be North American!

For our listening pleasure…

If you came in through the VocalStandards front door, you know that in addition to St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 is also Nat King Cole’s birth day (here in case you missed it). We indulged in a small slice of NKC’s vast 1500 song recording catalog — about 150 song Nat Cole playlist with all the hits I’ve come to associate with the King of Smooth … it’s amazing that’s just 10% of what he left us with after his way too short career.

What a great night!

…singing along with Nat (my wife not coughing … yeah!) and a wicked good lamb meatball and veg dish to ring in St. Pat’s day … not to mention the Springbank that was flowing!


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