OK …

… the pasta did not contain Joseph Loe Bwarie — it does however include a creamy parmesan mushroom sauce that turned out to be a pretty nice Lent-friendly Friday dinner — JLB did bring a cool swinging ambiance to the evening though.

I missed a chance to catch Joe Leo while he was in town for a SXSW performance last week (crazy schedule) … the angst from that missed op finally boiled over yesterday and had me digging into Bwarie’s excellent Nothin’ But Love LP release most of the afternoon.

Spiced with Tormé and Blu…

After a couple of cycles through Joe Leo’s album over a bottle of Broadbent Vinho Verde (excellent effervescent Portuguese verde) I added James Tormé and Jonny Blu to the evening’s playlist and decided to get serious about trying to turn out the pasta before 9pm. Hey, with the sun still high at 7:30, Friday’s can get away from me if I’m not careful.

This mushroom pasta dish — adapted from a Cooking Light recipe (which I found weird because of the heavy cream and butter in the dish) — is pretty simple to prepare and comes off with a nice balanced flavor of the mushrooms, aromatics, sherry/wine and the parm-cream … ending up delivering what tasted very much like a meatless Stroganoff. I love the Strogie so, this outcome went over well at our house.

As did the evening in general…

I got dinner on the table by 8:15pm (maybe a Friday record for me). The weather was great here in Austin so we decided to eat on the deck … a bottle of Malbec … Joe Leo, Jonny and James scored a great soundtrack for our meal and evening under the stars.

Life is good … look for the Bwarie review on the main page soon … very soon, like later today!


  • Susan1978

    great food and music made for a very enjoyable evening!