A couple of weeks back…

… in my post on Andy Williams and his 75 year stage career, I was ruminating on other long lived/long career vocal standards stars and threw out names like Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett and Jack Jones.

Well, I was correctly chastised (actually just gently prodded ;-)) for overlooking couple of great performers … the always kinetic Buddy Greco — one of the members of the constellation of stars that surrounded the Rat Pack during their “Summit” heyday — and the beautiful and incredibly talented Nancy Wilson.

Today is Nancy’s 75th birthday…

Hopefully she will forgive my mentioning her candle number but it is amazing to note that 2011 was Nancy’s 60th year performing! What were you doing when you were 15?

Sixty Years On…

Nancy took a well deserved break last September and I can only hope that after a reasonable hiatus she decides to rejoin us for a few performances. Even a limited engagement schedule would be awesome.

I recently purchase a fabulous EMI Gold import LP – The Very Best of Nancy Wilson (The Capitol Recordings 1960 – 1976)  – and am working my way through this 71 track wonder album to forge a review (in a couple of weeks). This deep exposure to Nancy’s vast catalog of work has inspired me to hunt her down whenever she reappears …  I cant wait to fly out to some intimate club venue and catch her act!

But today it is just …

Happy Birthday Nancy! Take care and enjoy you’re time off … get energized, miss us and come back for another go!


(Oh, and Buddy G … I have you queued up for a review in March, and need to find my way to the UK for one of your high energy gigs!)



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