…to all, and to all some great shrimp!

I had big plans for a roasted stuffed lamb loin and porcini potato gratin meal last night. Alas my day got away from me so by the time I made it to the market I was looking for a quick and easy dish that would not disappoint my wife.

Don’t get the wrong idea … Susan’s not some wicked, over bearing dominatrix, but I had dangled the stuffed lamb out in front of her earlier in the day and she hates it when I tease with a great dish and then juke away to something less interesting at the last minute.

The pressure was on, but the combination of a holiday mix playlist headlined by Robert Davi’s and Jonny Blu’s recent singles and a kick-ass Shrimp Scampi Linguini got me through the danger zone! (With the assistance of some nice white wine from the Languedoc.)

The ghost of Scampi past…

I’ve had scampi issues in the past. For what appears to be a simple dish, finding the proper balance of butter, oil, garlic and lemon juice/zest is a twitchy business. Too buttery and the richness dominates; too much lemon and the acidity runs roughshod over the palate and fights the wine; too garlicy speaks for itself; too much oil … is just sad. 

I found this recipe deep in my “to try” Evernote folder and after some molesting of the cooking time and order to suit my burners and sensibility I gave it a go. It rocked!

The butter/oil/lemon/garlic balance is perfect, and with a nice piece of bread (too prominently featured in my photos) along side … it was a fantastic. My lovely bride made yummy noises and all was set for a great evening with Dean, Davi, Blu and Bublé and their best holiday fare.

Now I’m off to fab and stuff that lamb loin for tonight!

  • Susan

    It was indeed very yummy! “Best you ever made Rod”… sorry to everyone else.. that’s a inside family thing. Now I’m sitting here sipping on some Prosecco, watching the preparation of the Lamb tenderloin with much anticipation!