… with a little “Mistletoe and Holly”

This week Robert Davi released Mistletoe & Holly — an outstanding holiday single — through Sun Lion Records and he’s donating all of his proceeds to the Salvation Army.

What a great gesture from Davi at this time of year … in what has been a very tough year for many.

This is a great song!

It’s way cool that Robert is donating his winnings from the sales of this single, but donation aside — this is a great song!

I mentioned Davi in my “Three to Keep an Eye On” post last month and he’s already delivering with this very Sinatra-esk Christmas number. Robert has his own distinctive vocal style but he hits a swinging stride with this number very reminiscent of Frank. You can hear it in Davi’s lyric entries and exits … and imagine Frank snapping his fingers in the studio with RD working on these terrific arrangements.

Plunk down your 99 cents and get “Mistletoe and Holly” for your holiday listening pleasure … and help some folks that might be struggling more than normal this time of year.

We have both kinds…

No, not Country and Western … Amazon and iTunes!

BTW, I’m not trying to profit from your good nature … I will likewise donate all commissions for click-thru sales of this track … or a minimum of $25 (which ever is greater) to the Salvation Army.

Mistletoe & Holly - Single - Robert Davi

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      My pleasure Robert … very nice job on “Mistletoe and Holly” and a great cause. Hope you can find some time in your 2012 acting schedule to get in the studio and layer in some tour dates — I’m looking forward to catching you on stage.