What a fun read…

I want to follow up an earlier review of Robert Randisi’s Rat Pack Mystery novels, with a quick update and review of I’m a Fool to Kill You — the 5th book in the series.

Not being especially acquainted with Ava Gardner’s background, I thought I might have trouble connecting with this story — the previous four RPack mysteries from Randisi have placed the likes of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy and Marilyn Monroe at the center of the murder mystery story-lines — but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Pretty much the same formula…

… as his previous Rat Pack Mysteries, but Randisi again does a masterful job weaving his speculative story through the historically accurate personal histories of the characters at his disposal … in the offing I came to know a bit more about the tragically intriguing Ava Gardner.

Once again Sands pit boss Eddie Gianelli finds himself at the center of something much bigger than he first suspects when he performs what seems like a simple favor for Frank Sinatra. I won’t get into the plot in any detail but suffice to say that it is a fun and exciting jaunt through Vegas, Hollywood, Chicago … with all the trappings of 1960’s casino scene, the mob and of course the Rat Pack.

All the regular suspects…

With Ava at the center of the action Rat Packers Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin play major roles in this story. Sammy gets in on the act late and only briefly but his role is pivotal and folds into the plot flow perfectly … even Joey Bishop makes a cameo appearance. Only Peter is left out, which is fine with me … as Eddie G’s friend and mob button man Jerry says … “nobody likes Peter”.

If you’re a Rat Pack fan that has any appetite for murder mysteries, mob stories or the manic hollywood scene in the ’60s, pick up I’m a Fool to Kill You or any of Robert J Randisi’s Rat Pack Mysteries and find yourself rubbing shoulders with Sinatra, Martin and Davis … immersed back in the Ocean’s 11 heyday … it’s a kick.

Fly Me to the Morgue

I’m queuing up the sixth book (and at this writing the last of the series … more please Mr Randisi!) for Christmas week. Fly Me to the Morgue features Bing Crosby as the central character … what could be better than putting a fire in the fireplace (OK, turning on the gas logs), sitting down to read about Bing embroiled in some nasty mob murder scenario … and then (scotch in hand) tuning in to watch White Christmas!