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It’s just not right…

…and it’s my fault! Man … He even looks exasperated with me doesn’t he?

I was looking back over the ~50 posts I’ve made since starting this site last summer … though several articles make mention of Frank Sinatra and his huge influence on the American Songbook and vocal standards genre, only two directly center on Frank as the mainline topic.

A glowing review of the Concord Records remastered compilation of Franks all time best material with the Basie Band, rolled up into Sinatra-Basie: The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings (here) … followed later by a review of Sinatra – Best of the Best (deluxe edition) (here) that included the semi-rare Sinatra – ’57 In Concert album nestled in the box as a bonus.

I did make regular allusions to Frank over the last six months to be sure, but only two dedicated posts out of fifty hardly seems like enough attention paid to arguably the largest and most influential player ever in the pop/vocal standards arena.

Therein lies my excuse…

OK there really is no excuse but by explanation … Frank, I’ve been so distracted by the amazing array of performers you influenced — both contemporaries and those following in your massive wake even today that I’ve been a bit inattentive. For that I truly apologize … but, hey I got you something special for your birthday to make up for it!

Have fun with Ava Frank — dinner’s on me! Oh, and don’t forget to order an extra steak (raw) for the inevitable black eye! 😉

(Frank Sinatra’s birthday is December 12 … don’t forget to tilt a glass of wine or scotch his way on Monday.)