SDjr didn’t shovel the holiday hits like Dean and Frank…

© Vladimir Gorsky

…but the few songs he did bring us were very cool, very Sammy.

It doesn’t necessarily surprise that Sammy Davis wasn’t as prolific with Christmas numbers as the other guys in the Rat Pack … he was Jewish for God’s sake (literally).

That said, I was still a bit surprised that only three SDjr songs appear on the hugely popular 2002 compilation album — Christmas With the Rat Pack.

It’s funny though… even with Sammy’s scant offering of holiday fare, the few songs he did bring are “best in class” hits for the season and worth highlighting on this first day of Chanukah 2011.

Nobody Jingles like Sammy!

SDjr’s version of “Jingle Bells” swings like no other. Many (MANY) artists have recorded this number and there are a butt-load of great versions out there to peruse…

But I still think Sammy does it best! He doesn’t lose the original lilt and fun of the classic children’s carol, but he jazzes it up with a liberal dose of “Sammy” that turns it into a swing’n cool Standard.

Quintessential Sam…

Then there’s “Christmas Time All Over The World” … a song that SDjr owns outright. Again, others have recorded this number but NOBODY delivers the bouncy mid-century classic quite like Sammy Davis.

It’s one of those numbers that, when you hear another artist singing it you turn to whoever your near and offer: “That guy’s good but this is Sammy’s song.” …and whether a perfect stranger or fast friend the other person says “yup” and nods her head in agreement.

Nat’s Song…

Sam completes his troika of Christmas songs on Christmas With The Rat Pack with a very fine rendition of “The Christmas Song”. But as good as he’s does with this number, each time I hear Sam sing it I can’t keep from thinking: “That’s a Nat King Cole song” … hey, sometimes the “song ownership” thing works for you, and sometimes it doesn’t!

Be sure to include Sammy’s few but excellent holiday numbers in your Yuletide playlist and let him deliver his unique swinging Christmas spirit to you and yours this week.


  • Susan

    Sammy ROCKS!

  • Anonymous

    Yes … Yes he does.