Recovering from a Barley Swine-a-thon…

…Friday evening where I literally ate EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! Sounds worse that it was … B-Swine is a small plate house of delight so we had all 10 plates off the menu (duck, goat, beef tongue hash, red fish, shrimp, scallops…). Well, and the three deserts of course …but there were four of us … and we were there for three hours!

OK, maybe it was a little bad, but it’s so good! If you come to Austin and don’t eat at Barley Swine, the TSA agents will write a big “L” on your forehead with a Sharpie on your way back out of town.

After all the gastronomic exotica of Friday…

… we returned to earth with a “nice piece of fish” meal that I’ve been wanting to hit for awhile. Abruzzi Flounder Involtini … a riff on a dish usually made with a barnyard protein like veal or pork.

With this dish I took the naturally ready-to-roll flounder (sole is a bit too delicate but any flatfish is doable here) and went all Abruzzi down on it with a little red pepper, some capers, parsley, basil, garlic, bread crumbs…  even a few green olives. It had a little puttanesca going on.

I finished it with a lemon, caper, brown butter sauce and server it with some compliantly absorbent roasted creamer potatoes … holy crap this was good.

Steve and Eydie joined us for the evening…

Actually I tooled up a playlist with some classic duet teams that was headlined by S&E as well as Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong and one of my all-time favorite pairings — Johnny Mercer and Bobby Darin (their Two of a Kind album is great).

It was a fun gang to flounder about with on a Saturday night, but Eydie’s vocals were the most memorable from the evening — she belted it out on a couple of numbers (especially “What Did I Have That I Don’t Have” … wow) that easily cut through the buttery, lemon-caper sauce!