I was looking to squeeze a quick and easy fish dish into our Saturday night…

…before the lamb ragu pasta festival for family and friends on tap for tonight. Rather than just sautéing off a nice pice of fish I dug out an old paris bistro favorite that I hadn’t made in years — Mustard Roasted Fish — and it was awesome!

How do recipes like this get lost in the chaff of our stupidly busy lives … not sure, but I’m glad I recovered this lost gem. It’s an Inna Garten recipe that I tweaked up a bit (find the recipe here).

Johnnys, Johns and Jonny…

So if you’ve been around the Vocalstandards main site of late, you know I’ve been on a hot streak with reviews and posts about guys named John, Johnny or Jonny.

Starting with Jonny Blu, then Johnny Mathis and ending the run with last Wednesday’s John Pizzarelli remembrance and review.

As I wrapped the Pizarelli piece, I started thinking about my upcoming content plan and whether I should try to keep the John train rolling … decided against it, but came up with an array of other John/Johnnys and decided to see how much of a “Just Johns” playlist I could come up with. Taking the aforementioned three and adding Johnny’s Hartman and Mercer and John Stevens … what a great mix of styles and quality recordings roll into view.

We spent a fine Saturday night eating some of my favorite Paris bistro fare (pairing the fish up with lemon/garlic roasted creamer potatoes .. oh my) and listening to “only guys named John” sing their best stuff … throw in a really nice Gagliardo Fallegro to cut across the semi-rich fish and the ultra rich music made it damn near perfect.

Do try this recipe and don’t forget to load up some John/Jon’s for the ride!


  • Susan

    I was scraping up all the sauce I could get out of the pan it was so good! Very nice evening with my sweetie and a bunch of Johns!

    • Anonymous

      It was a fun evening. I had to keep my eye on that Mercer fellow all night though … a bit of a lecherous one that! 😉