Today, it’s not about the music. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and I want to take a minute to highlight the importance of the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s awareness campaign.

Prostate cancer has whacked my family pretty hard, taking my mother’s father from us when I was in high school and leveling it’s sights on both me and my brother last year.

We’re each doing well at this point — working our way through the multi year process toward hopefully becoming “cured”. It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride, but way better than where we’d have ended up in a few years without the active PSA testing program that detected the disease early.

The stats for prostate cancer are pretty tough — 1 in 6 men will get the disease and those odds go up dramatically given family history and some other variables. The good news is that through a simple blood test, prostate cancer is one of the easiest cancers to detect early and the prognosis for long term survival is very positive with early detection.

I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference early detection makes, and these days there simply are no excuses. The “really not fun” prostate exam is still in the mix but the PSA blood test is the real key to early detection.

Starting your annual PSA screening at 50 (sooner if your family history or other factors come into play*) will establish a baseline that can effectively highlight a spike in the protein over time that may indicate the bad cancer juju is in the mix.

Hey, you’re probably already getting some basic heart-health related blood work done annually anyway; get them to tick off the PSA test and start that baseline! A simple blood test that can save your life.

Yeah, if they find cancer you’ll have to go through a tussle to get past it, but what the docs can do with early stage prostate cancer these days is pretty amazing (and getting better every day through research) … and after the tussle you get to wake up next to your wife, play with your kids and grand kids or hit a golf ball (whatever your happy thing is) for probably a very long time … IF you catch it early.

One out of six men reading this will get prostate cancer.

Talk to your doctor* during your next physical check-up and if he says it’s time, get your PSA test program going. God willing you will be one of the five guys in the clear and never have to deal with it. If prostate cancer does try to make the scene, you’ll snare the bastard early and kick it’s ass!

To help remind you, I will prominently place PCF “Blue All Over” banners on though out the month of September.


The advice I AM offering here is twofold …. please donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation or other local/national cancer research organizations, and of course (wait for it) … GET TESTED!!!