Hey Tony, who loves ya baby? Well I do … but I’m finding it harder today.

I’ve seen you on stage and own pretty much every record you’ve every made. I’ve been a fan for going on 40 years, but was truly saddened to hear you push that “America caused 9/11” crap while promoting your Duets II album on Howard Stern’s radio show yesterday.

I absolutely understand how the WWII experience affected you and laid the underpinning for your pacifism and anti-war position. My dad was a pilot in the war. He too saw some very nasty stuff that he would never talk about and it affected him the rest of his life. War is horrible, it does change people, and though I don’t agree with your unilateral pacifism and disarmament, I have no problem with your personal anti-war position. In fact all things being good and right, I hope there’s never another occasion for war on this earth.

The problem is, all things are not good and right and we can’t just put our head in the sand — acquiescing to evil when it presents itself. Apparently Tony, you and I differ on this and I can deal with that … it’s part of what makes this country great — that such divergent opinions can peacefully coexist and be freely expressed. Sadly that’s exactly the kind of free and open society that is under attack by the folks that flew those planes on 9/11.

Tony, if you want to make the case that war is never the answer … we can have that discussion, and based on the scenario we’re talking about we may or may not agree. However hearing you lay the blame for evil in this world at the doorstep of America — in essence morally justifying the 9/11 attacks — is noisome and indefensible.

It saddens me greatly that a man that has represented so well to the world the ideals of America and realized so fully the “rags to riches” (love that song by the way) dream this country offers, would see her in such and ill light.

I’m not calling for boycotts of your new album,  protests or any of that … it’s just gonna be awhile before I can listen to my favorite TB records without a heavy heart.

Be well Tony,