There is a song on the Radio Days Soundtrack CD that I always thought of just as a kitschy WWII ditty — “Remember Pearl Harbor” (Sammy Kaye and his Orchestra). Even though my dad was a fighter pilot in Europe during the war and I am an avid WWII history buff, I always considered this song to be nearly a farce … until September 11, 2001.

That horrible day, our generation got to feel in full measure what our parents felt when they awoke on Dec 8, 1941 to the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the realization that they could no longer insulate themselves from the fascist elements tormenting the world at that time.

For us … different bad guys … a different kind of war; and sadly a much more visceral experience as we all got to watch in realtime the events as they transpired on 9/11. We literally watched thousands of innocent people die and took the quite literal hammer blow to our personal and national psyche that day as WE realized the same sense of violation.

I no longer think of Sammy Kaye’s “Remember Pearl Harbor” as a kitschy number … Like the Rat Pack era — the greatest generation before us …”we shall always remember, how they died for Liberty.”

We must NEVER forget.