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While finalizing concert plans for this Fall I got lucky and was able to lock another date with Steve Tyrell into our crazy schedule. It’s going to make for a fun Halloween weekend in Steve’s home town of Houston where he’s playing two dates (28th and 29th of October).

I had a chance to see Steve last May here in Austin at the One World Theater as he was rolling his I’ll Take Romance Tour up to ramming speed. It was a great show filled with all his top standards renderings, but it was made even better by the attendance of his new wife Karen (also from Houston).

Steve sent out many of his most romantic songs to Karen during the show and the big guy was clearly smitten with his new bride of just a few months! Tyrell always appears to genuinely enjoy himself on stage, but he was damn near glowing this May evening as he brought the romance in spades with “That Old Feeling”, “Someone To Watch Over Me”, “Let’s Fall In Love” and several songs destined for his upcoming I’ll Take Romance album. I can’t wait for it!


Tyrell delivered a great “Bacharach Pack” during the Austin festivities … his long association and close relationship with Burt Bacharach allows Steve to interpret this body work like no other living performer in my opinion. “Raindrops”, “Walk On By”, “Close To You” and other classics from Back to Bacharach iconjust kept coming … Steve was doing two shows that evening and I think he ran over about 30 minutes during our early show because he just couldn’t stop offering up this music that he obviously loves to perform.

One last tidbit from the Austin gig … following his concert here, Steve headed off to the Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston where his performance was to be filmed for a DVD production. I tell you what, if they captured anything close to the the Steve Tyrell we saw on stage in Austin that DVD is going to be awesome!

Steve Tyrell is an interesting guy that has succeeded on many levels in his chosen profession(s) and in a life with some tragic turns. If you don’t know his back story, I suggest you check it out — the eONE folks did a nice review of Back to Bacharach that includes a great write-up on Steve’s career and life path. The guy is classic-classy and it’s worth a read.

Consider this Part One of my Steve Tyrell review. See you on Halloween for Part Two!

  • as this post popped up and faded in my RSS reader’s box in the corner of my big monitor my peripheral vision saw “Steve Tyler”… as in Steven Tyler and I thought no no no!

    • Anonymous

      Uh, no … But that said, I think I actually heard Steven Tyler do a standards song the other day! With Sting, Rod Stewart, Robert Palmer, Harry Nilsson, Boz Scaggs, Queen Latifah all in the standards mix, why not!

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